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Micro Rain Irrigation


Micro Rain travelers have years of proven field service and simply do the job! Constructed with a durable all-metal chassis and drum design, these machines are built to stand up to years of use. At the heart of the Micro Rain is the rugged and reliable turbine drive system. Smooth and efficient power is developed as the water flows past the fins of the turbine impeller, powering our direct mounted gearbox system to drive the reel. All water entering the turbine remains in the system and passes through the sprinkler head, eliminating any need for water to be wasted or dumped around the machine unlike other drive systems.


From small areas to large acreages, Micro Rain travelers are designed to put "convenience" back into watering.  No more spending time moving sprinklers and hoses!  Simply set the Micro Rain system at the end of the area to be irrigated, pull the sprinkler cart and hose out, turn on the water, and set the machine at the retraction rate that you desire.  The Micro Rain system will simply retract while watering leaving the irrigation lane perfectly watered and shuts off when finished.  The extensive Micro Rain product line below outlines individual machine performance and features for assistance in choosing the appropriate model for your application


"Micro Rain's innovative engineering and rugged construction provides the best option for traveling irrigation reels.  Our industry leading turbine drive system lies at the heart of the Micro Rain traveler making it the clear choice for durable and reliable portable irrigation where you need it.....and when you need it!  The Check out our complete line of turbine drive traveling sprinklers to discover the benefits of owning a Micro Rain system today!"


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