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So often when people think of excavation they think of big machines digging holes..... But what so many people forget about, is the experience and professionalism of the men operating those large pieces of equipment.  As many of you have read in the local papers lately there are brand new subdivisions in the area that are flooding for no other reason than the excavation was done poorly and or incorrectly.


At NET we pride ourselves on not only helping make your property look its best, but our 1st priority is to excavate your job in a way that either minimizes or reduces the ability of your structure to take on water  and to ensure the highest stability of your building


A few reasons to choose NET for your excavation needs


  • EXPERIENCE : With almost 100 years of combined experience we know what works and what doesn't work
  • EFFICIENCY : Being fast, doesn't mean good, but our pros can get your job done on time or ahead of time almost all of the time
  • VALUE : Combine experience and efficiency and you get a true value... your job will be done right the 1st time and at a price equal to or lower than any other competitive bid…..
  • CALL US TODAY and we can discuss your job or better yet invite us to your site and we'll talk there


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